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Visual Plow is a full-service video production and digital content creation company. We pride ourselves in developing creative content which reflects each client’s unique style and objectives through cinematic storytelling. We work to establish the “voice” of our clients through fully-realized audio and visuals, combined with professional, cinema-style production while remaining personable, down-to-earth, and easy to work with.

Post Production
TV Commercials
Music Videos
Corporate Messaging

Timelapse Photography
Aerial Cinematography
Graphic Design
Logo/Visual Identity Design
Concept Development
Project Management

Concept Development

Our team works with our clients to generate concepts that reflect each company’s style, target audience, and distribution objectives. To begin, Visual Plow works with each client to identify the messaging goals for both the overall “voice” we wish to create, as well as particular buzzwords and concepts for individual pieces produced. These key concepts will help drive every phase of content development and creation from this point forward.

Pre-Production & Planning

Of course, the most important aspects of any video production are the visual elements. Although we pride ourselves on our on-set flexibility and ability to adapt to ever-changing situations, Visual Plow always arrives on-location with detailed shot list, storyboards, and interview outlines to keep us on track, on schedule, and to ensure that all the elements needed to visually communicate the project’s messaging goals are accounted for.


Our style is conversational and personal, using cinematic and documentary-style filming techniques. On set, our team carefully monitors all aspects of production to make sure that your final piece is fully developed and communicates your entire message. With your concept being top priority, we ensure that all elements will come together into a complete, finished piece. Our originally developed shot list, messaging goals, and interview checklist will drive the process, while also allowing for moments of “movie magic” and spontaneity during filming.

Post-Production & Editing

Visual Plow performs all aspects of post-production in-house to ensure quality control. The final aspects of post-production are carefully monitored, just like the rest of our process. As always, will draw from our own experience as well as our client’s preferences and branding concepts. In this phase of our process, Visual Plow brings together the best shots, carefully selected music, voice over, interview content, and graphics in order to cultivate a fully-realized finished piece.


Visual Plow specializes in digital content delivery, and we know that making sure you receive your finished project in the correct format and on time is important. We are very familiar with different types of media outlets, including web, TV, live presentations, and social media platforms. We understand that every project has a deadline, and we will always work to ensure that your content is created and delivered with a timeline in mind.

Client Satisfaction

Visual Plow will always produce work that is aimed at client satisfaction. Each client’s input and suggestions will be incorporated into final products. Such revisions and suggestions during the pre-production, production (filming), and post-production phases are included and encouraged in our process.

We pride ourselves on remaining current in today’s ever changing market, while also striving to develop new skills based on the latest trends and demands in digital content marketing and advertising. Visual Plow utilizes high speed cameras, unmanned ariel drones, motion controlled camera sliders, 3-axis camera stabilizers, HMI lighting, camera cranes and Digital Cinema Cameras like our Canon C500s and Red Epic Dragon to bring your story to life in the most engaging and memorable way possible.

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